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Felicia Dadamio, Co-Founder and Director of Account Services, has committed herself to the well-being of First Responders and their families. With over 7 years in the behavioral health community and her personal recovery journey, Felicia stands out for her genuine care, professionalism, and innovative approaches, especially during challenging times like the COVID pandemic.

My Story

Felicia Dadamio is Co-Founder and Director of Account Services. Her focus is on assisting First Responders, union member, employer groups and their families. Felicia has worked in the behavioral health community for the last 7 years. She is well known in the mental health/substance abuse treatment community for her professionalism and being willing to go above and beyond for clients and their families. During the last 7 years Felicia has developed a reputation for being creative in offering CEU trainings for professionals, facilitating trainings in the workplace, especially adapting to the needs of the mental health/substance abuse community during COVID.

Before joining the mental health/substance abuse treatment community, she had 15 years’ experience in managing student services for a nursing education service as well as managing business offices.


Felicia is a wife, mother of two children under 10 years old and a mom to Rocco the family dog. She brings her own recovery story to the human services field which assists her in adding creditability to her current work. Felicia is passionate about her recovery and her family. She has found her life’s calling in helping others find their recovery, whether it be in the mental health community or the substance abuse community. Words that other professionals use to describe Felicia are diligent, integrity, she keeps her word, she is trustworthy, a creative thinker, tenacious and loyal.


Drawn to Felicia's dedication and unique perspective on recovery? Reach out!

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