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Libby Timmons, a seasoned addictions counselor, is the Co-Founder of Thrive with Chaos. With over three decades in the field, she’s renowned for her expertise in addictions, trauma, and First Responder mental health. Libby’s lively presentations and commitment to therapeutic change make her a leading voice in her sphere.

My Story

Libby Timmons, M.Ed. LISAC, CEAP, SAP is the Co- Founder of Thrive with Chaos. She has been an addictions counselor since 1984 She is the past President of the International Employee Assistance Professionals Association. She has extensive training in psychodrama, addictions and experiential therapy with nationally recognized trainers. Her areas of expertise are: addictions; trauma; codependency; adult children of alcoholics; inner child and family of origins work’ and 12-Step programs. Libby began working with First Responders in 1988. She worked at Onsite Workshops from 1990 to 2006. She has used this experience to develop workshops for First Responders. Libby has extensive leadership experience with  EAPA and the EACC. Libby also represented the EAPA organization internationally and  provides training regarding EAP services to professionals. Libby is a nationally sought after presenter on Attachment, Addictions, Tech and Computer Misuse,, Ethics, and Therapeutic Alliance.  She has presented at national conferences for EAPA, C4,  LAP, US Journal, and various CE events as well as  EAPA Chapter meetings.  Libby is known for her lively interactive presentations. Libby has decided to dedicate the remainder of her career to helping First Responders and their families. Her hope is to provide a safe environment for First Responders to address their mental health and addictions. Libby honors her success as a clinician, to her many wise mentors such as Dorothy Satten, PhD, TEP and Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse. 


Feel inspired by Libby's dedication and expertise? Don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more or explore collaboration opportunities. 

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