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Giving First Responders a Second Chance

     Thrive with Chaos is dedicated to supporting Public Safety/First Responders who have faced life and career-altering events. Our mission is to provide a culturally qualified environment, offering a comprehensive range of services tailored to help these brave individuals rebuild their lives and careers.

 Fraternal Order of Police Wellness Division seal of approval

Values, Mission, and Vision

     At Thrive with Chaos, we prioritize the dignity, respect, and self-care of our staff. Our commitment extends to ensuring the confidentiality of our participants, striving to earn their trust, and upholding the belief that everyone deserves to be treated with utmost dignity.

     Our mission is to create a trustworthy environment for Public Safety and other employer groups, offering a comprehensive mental health and substance abuse continuum of care. This includes therapeutic services, CISM, and training and education. Our vision is to establish a mental health, substance abuse treatment, and training organization that fosters trust. We aim to develop various programs for our clients, their families, and organizations, giving employees the opportunity to retain their jobs and rebuild trust with their coworkers and families. Our ultimate goal is to significantly reduce suicide rates and marital discord within the Public Safety/First Responder communities.

Discover FLIP

The First Life Intervention Program (FLIP) is a cornerstone of Thrive with Chaos, specifically designed for Public Safety/First Responders. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by these professionals, FLIP offers a structured system of services to help them navigate and overcome substance or mental health challenges. Developed by culturally competent staff, FLIP aims to provide a second chance to those who've experienced events that jeopardized their careers. Dive deeper to understand how FLIP can be the turning point for many.

Thrive with Chaos follows all rules related to the No Surprises Act. We accept Cigna,
BCBS and Aetna Commerical Insurance in network.

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